Selina Gullery

  • Selina Gullery (BA) is a qualified linguist, yoga teacher, intuitive cook and
    student of life. She walks the path of yoga to connect with her body and
    through it with the rhythms of nature and the divine that resides in all things.
    Yoga for her is a holistic approach to leading a conscious and responsible life,
    in tune with ourselves, with each other, our communities, and the world
    around us. Her yoga practice is informed with her passion for psychology,
    somatic movement, music, poetry and traditional Chinese practices of
    movement and their underlying healing properties.
    She imparts her knowledge with insight and passion, drawing on decades of
    study and practice. She is fortunate to have learnt with inspiring teachers
    and at schools with both a traditional, Indian lineage and those that have
    adopted a western and more contemporary approach to Yoga.
    Selina ran the yoga teacher training at the Paracelsus Naturopath School in
    Kempten, Germany for 7 years. She is part of the teaching curriculum for
    Shiva Rea’s Prana Vinyasa a<liate teacher trainings and Micheline Berry’s
    Liquid Asana teacher training. She spends most of her time either in the
    forest, on her yoga mat, in deep meditation or travelling to teach from her
    home base in So6a, Bulgaria.
  • Training and further education with Swami Samarpanananda (Bihar School of
    Yoga), Shiva Rea, Twee Merrigan, Simon Park (300h Certi6cation in Prana
    Vinyasa Yoga), Michael Shabort (Ashtanga Yoga), Barbra Noh (Anusara Yoga),
    Christopher Thompkins (Kashmiri Shaivism), Sally Kempton (meditation),
    Mark Whitwell (Yoga of Heart), Ronan Tang (TCM, Tai Chi), Stefanie Hahnzog
    (Body Mind Centering) and others.
    E-RYT 200, RYT 500, YACP (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider), BDY
    (German Yoga Teacher Alliance).
    In her Teacher Trainings, in classes and on retreat, she encourages the growth
    of the spiritual and individual self in her students, through cultivating self-
    love, embracing imperfections and residing in the gentle strength of the
    higher Self.